HMC Steam sterilzers HGD

The latest generation - versatile with no compromises

Devices with steam generator and
vacuum pump coupled directly to the chamber

  • Passive seal against vacuum and pressure
  • Dynamic multi-directional inflow of steam
  • Permanently available steam
  • Segmented jacket heating
  • No heating elements in the chamber
  • Extremely short heating times
  • Preheating program
  • Pyrolytic self-cleaning program
  • Powerful vacuum pump
  • Extremely short batch times
hgd 03



Two sizes

HGD 113

Chamber volume of 131.7 L
Effective useful volume of 113 L

HGD 133
Chamber volume of 153.4 L
Effective useful volume of 133 L

 hgd 01


Effective vacuum
Pre and drying vacuum
for the sterilization of

  • Fabrics
  • Hollow parts
  • Tubes
  • Bottles
  • Pipettes
  • Glass containers
  • All open-pore materials
  • Mixed fractions in waste bags
  • Filters


Simple via USB or printer (can be integrated)

Fast and safe!

The HGD devices are equipped with the most effective vacuum pump.
2 pre-vacuum cycles are sufficient to remove all air and let steam penetrate.
This saves time and guarantees the highest level of effectiveness.
The duration of the drying phase with fractionated vacuum is adjustable
and can therefore be matched individually to the load characteristics.



hgd 02



HGD Technical Data   HGD 113 HGD 133
Chamber volume Litres 131,7 153,4
Useful volume Litres 113 133
Chamber dimensions Ø x H mm 500 x 576 500 x 680
Exterior dimensions W x D x H mm 686 x 870 x 930 686 x 870 x 1034
Required space W x D x H mm 700 x 1150 x 1350 700 x 1150 x 1450
Weight kg 184 192
Electrical power kW 6,8 7,1
Integrated steam generator   Yes
Vacuum   Yes
Allowable operating temperature °C 138°
Selectable operating temperature °C 105° - 135°
Warming temperature °C 45° - 60°
Max. operating pressure bar 2,5
Automatic start   variable, 1 minute to 7 days
Sterilization time  t variable, 1 to 300 minutes
Power supply V AC 400 V 50/60 Hz 3 phase
Locking system   automatic
Markings   CE, TÜV Bayern e.V./TÜV Rheinland
Vessel material   SUS304 (high-grade stainless steel)
Documentation   Integrated printer/USB (optional)
Safety systems   Electro-mechanical safety lock, safety valve, low-water interrupt,
overpressure protection switch, overheating protection switch,
circuit breaker, fault indicator (visual and audible)
Item Number   21007 21008

Fairs / Exhibitions in spring 2019

We warmly invite you to visit us at the following fairs and find out at first hand about the quality of our autoclaves.

  • 21st-23rd of May, Labvolution in Hannover
  • 13th of June, Lab-Supply in Berlin
  • 28th of August, Lab-Supply in Dresden
  • 4th of September, Labsolutions in Hamburg
  • Further exhibitions

Exhibits and Used equipment

We are selling our exhibits used and exhibition equipment, as new or with small signs of wear.
Technically our used and exhibition equipment is in perfect condition.

Current models:

  • There are no units available at the moment

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