HG series

hg intro01Innovative

Top technology

All HMC steam sterilizers are produced in modern manufacturing facilities using state of the art technology and are TÜV certified. All devices meet the EC Pressure Equipment Directive and the current European regulations and bear the CE label.

Twice as safe

The locking system is coupled with a pressure and temperature monitoring system. Sensors monitor the lid state. Unintended opening under pressure not possible by design. The opening temperature (important for liquid sterilization) can be preset to between 60-97 °C (temperature dependend lid opening). No electronics and no moving parts in the lid, therefore reliable and trouble-free. Maximum service life!


hg intro02Selection criteria

  • GLP (IQ, OQ, PQ)
  • Documentation
  • S2 (exhaust air filter)
  • Thermolock
  • Chamber volume
  • Documentation
  • Accessories
  • Available space
  • Infrastructure
  • Supply/disposal
Occupational health and safety:  
  • Loadmaster/lifting system
  • Trolley
  • Operating costs
  • Maintenance costs


Easy of use
The low loading height and the smooth surface make for easy loading and unloading.
There are no obstructing locks or edges on which the baskets could catch.


hg intro03Illuminated display
The clear, bright membrane display shows all important parameters at a glance and is self-explanatory. Simple menu navigation allows adaptations for customized program. 12 programs are available, divided into 4 groups with 3 sub-groups each.

The optimum for each load.

  • Sterilization of solids: With fast release of steam
  • Sterilization of liquids: With variable natural cooling or with rapid cooling for thermolabile materials
  • Sterilization of liquids: with subsequent reheat cycle
  • AGAR program: processes AGAR and keeps it ready for use (thermostatic heating)
  • Timer-controlled program: load in the evening - sterile and ready for removal in the morning down to the minute
  • Waste sterilization: Mixed load with a low liquid content
  • Automatic standby operation: Saves energy

The timer function lets you start the program with a turn-on delay in order to have it end at a precisely defined time.



hg intro04 


Save resources

Green operation
Top-quality materials are used to manufacture the high-tech chambers with a reduced mass. Result is a long service life and short heating and cooling times. Ideal energy efficiency.


Spent steam condenser
The innovative spent steam condensation system, highly efficient and matched to the energy and volume, prevents odor and steam pollution. This ensures a pleasant indoor climate in the environment of the device.


The HG series: Sophisticated functionality

The HG series devices are divided into working capacities of 50/80/113/133 litres and set standards with regard to comfort and safety. The user will be pleased by the extremely simple operation using the self-explanatory membrane keyboard with LED program display. The locking systems for both series consist of a motorized lid and an innovative locking system. The lid opens at the push of a button: first it only opens a safe gap in order to relieve the remaining pressure, then automatically and finally all the way.
Unintended opening is impossible. The user is protected against escaping steam.Starting the program as well as opening and closing of the autoclave chamber are triggered via a single key. The lid is lowered gently and locked automatically. The program starts automatically.

 hg intro05


The lock operating principles

HG 50/80
The V-seal gasket is activated by pressure. It is embedded in the edge of the lid, and swivelled up and out of the way upon opening to protect it against damage during loading and unloading.

HG/HGS/HGD 113/133
The double V-seal gasket seals equally well against vacuum and pressure. It is embedded flush in the edge of the chamber and therefore protected against damage during loading and unloading. The seals for both types can be replaced by the user themselves in just a few minutes.

 hg intro06

Fairs / Exhibitions in spring 2019

We warmly invite you to visit us at the following fairs and find out at first hand about the quality of our autoclaves.

  • 21st-23rd of May, Labvolution in Hannover
  • 13th of June, Lab-Supply in Berlin
  • 28th of August, Lab-Supply in Dresden
  • 4th of September, Labsolutions in Hamburg
  • Further exhibitions

Exhibits and Used equipment

We are selling our exhibits used and exhibition equipment, as new or with small signs of wear.
Technically our used and exhibition equipment is in perfect condition.

Current models:

  • There are no units available at the moment

>> Go to exhibits and used equipment


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