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 Autoklaven / Autoclaves







HG 50 Datenblatt


HG 50 datasheet



HG 80 Datenblatt


HG 80 datasheet



HG 113 Datenblatt


HG 113 datasheet



HG 133 Datenblatt


HG 133 datasheet



HGS 113 Datenblatt


HGS 113 datasheet



HGS 133 Datenblatt


HGS 133 datasheet



HGD 113 Datenblatt


HGD 113 datasheet



HGD 133 Datenblatt


HGD 133 datasheet








HV 25 Datenblatt


HV 25 datasheet



HV 50 Datenblatt


HV 50 datasheet



HV 85 Datenblatt


HV 85 datasheet



HV 110 Datenblatt


HV 110 datasheet








HMT 232N Datenblatt


HMT 232N datasheet



HMT 230 / 260 FA Datenblatt


HMT 230 / 260 FA datasheet



HMT 230 / 260 / 300 MA Datenblatt


HMT 230 / 260 / 300 MA datasheet



HMT 260MB Datenblatt


HMT 260MB datasheet



HMT 300MB Datenblatt


HMT 300MB datasheet





Fairs / Exhibitions in spring 2019

We warmly invite you to visit us at the following fairs and find out at first hand about the quality of our autoclaves.

  • 21st-23rd of May, Labvolution in Hannover
  • 13th of June, Lab-Supply in Berlin
  • 28th of August, Lab-Supply in Dresden
  • 4th of September, Labsolutions in Hamburg
  • Further exhibitions

Exhibits and Used equipment

We are selling our exhibits used and exhibition equipment, as new or with small signs of wear.
Technically our used and exhibition equipment is in perfect condition.

Current models:

  • There are no units available at the moment

>> Go to exhibits and used equipment


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